Star Distribution Facility: Keep your inventory in Florida

Why Inventory in Florida?

Serving all of Florida, Star Distribution is a leader in Distribution and 3rd Party Logistics. Although Florida is considered a Tier 2 distribution market, it is unique because of the 22 million people who live in Florida, with the bulk of the population south of the I-4 corridor. It is, by far, the most populated state in the Southeastern United States. Holding inventory in Florida positions your company to serve your customers with next-day delivery.

Star Distribution utilizes its own private fleet of trucks and professional drivers to move products from our 1.5 million square foot warehouse facility throughout all the state of Florida. Moreover, our facility is served by CSX Railroad and capable of off-loading flatbeds, a-frames and box cars, we are a one-stop shop for logistics destination for the entire state.

In fact, one of the booming Florida industries that is taking advantage of our capabilities is the construction industry. We warehouse building materials and provide next day delivery to construction sites via flatbeds or van trailers – keeping materials safe and material loss to a minimum while eliminating downtime spent waiting on deliveries.

Why keep your inventory in Florida? Here are three great reasons:

  1. Our Central Florida location serves 22 million people with next day delivery
  2. Freight consolidation programs from our 1.5 million sq ft to every Retail, Appliance and Outlet Mall location throughout our state.
  3. 5:00 pm EST order cutoff for guaranteed next day delivery

Central Florida location serves 22 million people with next day delivery

Star Distribution serves as a hub for an area with over 22 million people. These people all live within 250 miles of our facility making the Florida market unique in the U.S. With the D.O.T.’s H.O.S. mandate a few years ago, now driver deliveries from the Atlanta market (a Tier 1 hub) can only be made as far south as North/Central Florida, making it impossible to provide next day service to many of the customers who are awaiting shipment south of I-4.

Freight consolidation specialists

Not only can Star provide next day delivery, Star specializes in efficient freight consolidation services for its customers. Focusing on LTL deliveries, Star uses the sheer volume of LTL Shipments, combined with our own private fleet of trucks to consolidate your freight with other like Shippers destined for the same consignee.

5:00 pm cutoff for next day delivery

If you place an order against the inventory you’ve warehoused in our facility by 5:00pm EST, we guarantee delivery anywhere in the state of Florida the next day. Although we’re not limited to appliances, many appliance manufacturers such as Trane, LG, and Bosch, utilize Star Distribution to provide next day delivery to Home Depot and other Distributors throughout the state. Thanks to “the Amazon effect” customers expect next day delivery and manufacturers turn to Star Distribution to meet those JIT expectations.