Industry Spotlight: Freight Consolidation

Star Distribution Systems, Inc. is Florida’s industry leader in freight consolidation. For the past 40 years, our company has dedicated time, energy and the resources to develop a cost-saving and highly effective freight consolidation model for the entire state of Florida. Over this period of time, Star Distribution assembled a valued customer base of over 300 clients who are shipping LTL orders in the Florida market.

While most 3PLs only offer freight consolidation services in the Food and Beverage space, Star Distribution has expanded that same concept and implemented it across multiple industries to create a very unique and highly effective logistics solution. This one-of-a-kind model successfully supports manufacturers of High-End Appliances, HVAC Equipment, Medical Devices, Building Construction, Retail, Packaging, and Alcoholic Beverages.

The backbone of our freight consolidation business model is our state-of-the-art 1.5MM square foot facility located in Central Florida. We strategically combine our warehouse volume, pool distribution, and cross-docking customers to support an average of 800 P.O. deliveries every day. Our deliveries extend to every location in the third most populated state in the nation.

In our efforts to exceed the expectations of our freight consolidation clients and to upstage our competition, we provide guaranteed next-day delivery service for all orders received by 5pm EST. The secret to our success is the sheer volume of like similar clients who need specialized delivery services in our market.

If you are shipping products into the state of Florida via LTL common carrier, we would love to learn more about your current supply chain.