Community Spotlight: Star Distribution Steps Up to Meet COVID-19 Needs

Star Distribution Steps Up to Meet COVID-19 Needs

During these unprecedented times Star Distribution continues to provide our clients with the unparalleled service they have come to expect.

Star Distribution has been working around the clock to meet the increased demands from our clients and the Florida consumers. While we have continued to focus on delivering goods in the quickest and most efficient manner, our customers have ramped up manufacturing to meet the needs of consumers.

We believe we’ve seen the peak on the supply chain side and that our customers will be able to keep up with the demands of consumers all across the state.

However, our mandate is two-fold. In addition to meeting the needs of our customers, we have undertaken many precautions at our facility to protect both our internal employees and the drivers who make up our distribution network. Utilizing the CDC guidance, we have continued to adapt and enforce our regulations, protecting our most valuable resource – the Star Distribution team members. Any team members who have a fever or any of the other COVID-19 symptoms are self-quarantining until cleared by medical personnel before returning to work, whether they are working at our location or traveling outside of the local area.

We are promoting proper hygiene and social distancing. We have reconfigured our seating and workspaces to ensure that employees can maintain the recommended six feet of separation while they work. We have also implemented new procedures for interacting with the non-Star truck drivers who deliver to the facility, including a designated seating area that is separated from our staff and portable toilets so drivers do not have to enter the building.

As our country continues to fight against the uncertainty of the virus, Star Distribution is committed to doing whatever it takes to meet the needs of our clients and the consumers they serve throughout the Southeast. It is our privilege to serve you during this time.