Star Distribution Systems: A Well-Oiled Logistics Team for Pompeian

Pompeian began distributing their world’s best–selling, highest quality, farm-to-table olive oil across the United States in 1906. Along the way, they have learned a thing or two about picking the best partners for long-distance and final-mile transportation. Since 2017, they have depended on Star Distribution Systems, Inc. to keep their oil moving and their customers happy.

“We couldn’t be more satisfied with the excellent service we get from Star Distribution,” said Bob Tobin, Pompeian’s Logistics. “They do a great job. Larry, Josh, Dave, and the rest of the team are very dedicated and nice people to work with.”

When Tobin met Larry Jimenez, Star Distribution System’s Vice President Business Development, for the first time, he said, “Larry got my interest as he described Star’s operation in the Southeast and how they ensure consistent quality distribution to major grocery retailers. At that time, we were having service-level issues in the Southeast, including product damages, mis-shipments, and late deliveries.”

When Jimenez explained that Star Distribution Systems consolidates orders and ships truckloads direct to the DCs — particularly from their dock in Plant City directly to the retailers’ DCs — Tobin planned a visit to Plant City to see the operation. After meeting with their team and seeing their operation, he was convinced of their ability to deliver superior service.

“Star came in and was exceptional,” he said. “They made the transition easy, and within a few months, we were distributing out of Plant City. In addition, they have been very good at accommodating our reporting requirements and in tailoring EDI transactions to our specifications.”

Pompeian keeps a full complement of product in Star Distribution System’s warehouse for all their customer demands in Florida and the Southeast. They pack the product in Baltimore, send transfers out from there, and then send full truckloads down to Plant City.

“We transmit our orders to Star, and from that point on, they take charge,  setting up the appointments with the retailers, procuring the carriers, and delivering our product to our customers throughout Florida, Georgia, Alabama, South Carolina, North Carolina, Tennessee, and Louisiana,” said Tobin. 

“After three years,” he said, “our relationship with them is as strong as it was on day one. Whenever I visit them in Plant City and talk with Josh and Larry and the gang, I can see and feel their enthusiasm for what they do. Their exceptional service has enabled us to increase sales and maintain good relationships with our customers. Thanks to my friends at Star Distribution.”