Temperatures are Soaring

Appliances Distribution for Electronics and HVAC

It’s summertime and the temperatures are soaring. HVAC manufacturers and distributors know that shipping delays, caused by damages or slow supply chains, are the last thing they need. Your customers need their HVAC unit and they need it now.

One of the biggest supply chain challenges faced by appliance manufacturers is the damages incurred when shipping high-end appliances and HVAC systems. For over 50 years Star Distribution’s Electronics and HVAC services have solved these problems. Our “Less Than Load” (LTL) program saves time and money for our customers. Star Distribution reduces damages from an industry average of 20% to 0.02% for our customers.

Unlike other third party logistics providers that depend on common carriers for delivery services, Star Distribution can streamline your supply chain by integrating a full-service logistics solution, saving you time, money, and manpower.

We’ve also eliminated the cost of banding, strapping, and palletization with our specialized trailers that are equipped with basilods, razor-back clamps, and appliance dollies for inside deliveries. Our trucks come with custom-built liftgate trailers so freight can be loaded directly onto the floor of the truck. For even more cost reduction for our clients, we offer the option to consolidate shipments with up to 10 other appliance/HVAC shippers destined for the same consignee.

Additionally, we provide warehousing capabilities to our customers, holding their inventory in our warehouse so it is available to ship as soon as an order arrives. We specialize in customer service and our warehousing services include a “Best in Class” inventory management and fulfillment methodology. We guarantee next day Florida delivery for orders placed by 5pm EST.

Our promise: We eliminate damages and returns to improve your bottom line.