Star Distribution Award

Star Distribution has continually delivered on-time solutions for our customers with the high-quality customer service they are accustomed to. Star has been nationally recognized for Carrier of the Year for companies such as LG Electronics and Abbott Nutrition.

Advantages of EDI Communication

Technology has brought untold efficiencies to the supply chain, speeding up processes while reducing errors. Among the more effective – and overlooked – tech-based developments to make the supply chain run smoother and faster is the increasingly widespread use of electronic data interchange, often known as EDI. EDI is the intercompany communication of business documents in a standard format. Crucially, …

Star Distribution Systems Commercial

We are the brightest name in distribution! Since 1931, Star Distribution Systems, Inc. is recognized as Florida’s Premier 3rd Party Logistics Provider. 

What is a WMS and why is it important to shippers?

Any great warehouse operation today leans on an excellent warehouse management system. A WMS is a software solution that tracks all materials and goods that enter and leave a warehouse, serving a vital role in the management of an efficient supply chain fulfillment process. By providing clear visibility into inventory at a crucial stage of the supply chain, a WMS …

Working with a 3PL to Manage Vendor Compliance

Vendor compliance, which is sometimes known as retail compliance, is challenging territory for any shipper. Without proper attention, it also can be costly. Vendor compliance refers to retailers’ requirements for their vendor trading partners. These requirements are crucial for retailers from an efficiency, organizational and management standpoint, so they emphasize consistent application of the requirements from vendors. The more compliant …

Star Distribution Systems & Services

With our diverse portfolio of consumer product goods, Star Distribution is the leader in warehousing and LTL Consolidated transportation services in the state of Florida.

3 reasons why a 3PL should manage your reverse logistics

Often, when people think about the supply chain, their mind steers toward the route that starts at the manufacturer and ends with the customer or retailer. However, supply chain logistics is not merely a one-way street – sometimes those deliveries need to go backward. For shippers, reverse logistics is a crucial component of the supply chain, an often complicated process …

Star Distribution: Customer Service

Customer service at Star Distribution handles all of the orders, the inbounds, outbounds, and anything to do with orders getting shipped.

Strategic Supply Chain

3 ways a 3PL can help your supply chain be more strategic A supply chain will never be valuable to your business unless it’s treated as valuable. That means making it a priority, a key strategic component to the operation and success of your business. Too often, companies treat supply chains tactically, as tasks that need to be completed but …