Case Study: Trane Distribution Hub

For over 39 years Star Distribution has served supply chain needs in Florida for Trane. Covering a region that includes all of Florida except the panhandle, Star Distribution is a critical hub in the Trane hub and spoke distribution system. According to Dave Conran, National Distribution Manager for their Residential Solutions, “Star is the largest hub and spoke facility in our company and the only one that is not a Trane-owned facility.”

Trane utilizes Star’s capabilities for storage and handling. Products are delivered to Star for warehousing and Star’s employees interface directly with the Trane order fulfillment system. Using RF handguns, inventory is received into the Trane system where Trane’s customer service representatives are able to process orders. By networking directly with the Trane system, Star is able to process 10-12 truckloads of products into the warehouse every day.

Once the products are in the system, Star’s team picks orders and routes them with their freight consolidation process to help Trane save on costs. Those products are either moved through Star’s transportation system to the spokes in Trane’s system around Florida (Ft. Myers, Sarasota, Naples, Miami, Jacksonville, Tampa, and others), or Star delivers the products straight to Trane’s customers in the Star delivery area.

“We have extreme confidence in their ability to handle all of our orders,” added Conran. “The storage capacity and handling capability Star combines with the local delivery services is why they are the largest hub for our supply chain.”

According to Larry Jimenez, Jr., Vice President of Business Development, “Our unrelenting goal is to provide our customers the highest level of customer service, coupled with award-winning logistic services, every day. We are proud to partner with Trane as they serve their customers throughout Florida.” Star specializes in LTL freight consolidation to every point in Florida and makes more than 800 deliveries a day. Unlike other 3PL providers that depend on common carriers for delivery services, Star can streamline your supply chain by integrating a full-service logistics solution, saving you time, money and manpower. Contact us today to learn how we can serve your company, as well.