Star Distribution Delivers: Pet Supplies Plus

Until Pet Supplies Plus linked up with Star Distribution Systems, Inc., this essential provider of pet necessities had kinks in its supply chain.

“My first agenda item when I arrived at Pet Supplies Plus in 2013 was to redesign our delivery networks,” said Senior Director of Logistics Jerry Troupe.

The pet-supply company had been barking up the wrong tree, working with logistics companies that “weren’t able to respond to our customers’ needs, were inconsistent, couldn’t respond to us quickly, and couldn’t promise us guaranteed delivery windows,” he said.

Troupe, who has worked in the logistics industry since 2006, had known Larry Jimenez, Vice President of Business Development for Star Distribution Systems, Inc., for several years.

“Larry is very professional and great to work with,” Troupe said. So, when Pet Supplies Plus’s Florida market grew and needed a premium provider in the state to help with their final-mile deliveries, Troupe turned to Star Distribution Systems, Inc. 

“Switching to Star stabilized our deliveries and improved our service to our Florida stores,” said Troupe. “Our franchise owners depend on products arriving as scheduled, so that improvement gave them confidence to open additional locations. Store counts in Florida have increased significantly in the last five years, because we’re winning with our supply chain, thanks to Star’s dependability.”

Sometimes hurricanes, pandemics, mechanical breakdowns, or road construction add urgency or halt the supply chain.

“When we work through medium-term needs, as with COVID-19, and acute needs, like hurricanes, we tell Star what we need to accomplish, and they help us do it,” said Troupe. “It’s always easy for us and our customers to talk with people at Star, which saves time and effort. Star’s flexibility and responsiveness during times of crisis have been indispensable.”

Star Distribution “is always willing to help us get a late delivery into their facility, turn it fast, make any necessary personnel changes or adjustments, make route changes or whatever it takes to ensure the product continues to move and gets to our customers when promised,” said Troupe. “Their willingness to make those adjustments in real time has been critical to our customers’ success.”

Troupe admitted that “in cost per pallet, Star is a little bit more expensive, but compared to our previous costs of recovery and the impact that late deliveries had on customers, ultimately, we save money with Star.”

These days the Pet Supplies Plus supply chain purrs like a kitten. Troupe said, “If Larry makes a promise, it happens. He doesn’t overcommit. He and the people at Star do what he says they’re going to do. Star delivers what they promise.”