Giving Thanks for a Banner Year: Star, the Brightest Name in Distribution

As we navigate through the holidays to this unusual year’s end, the Star Distribution Systems family is filled with an extra measure of wonder and gratitude.

We are extremely grateful for all of you who have contributed in 2020 to the success of our company’s award-winning third-party logistics and unparalleled supply chain service. Your support during this year of the COVID-19 pandemic, with all the detours and roadblocks the virus generated, has not gone unnoticed. We greatly appreciate our partnerships with our customers, our relationships with our team members and our associations with our vendors.

To our customers, all 300-plus of you, we offer our heartfelt thanks for your loyalty. We are honored by the trust you place in us to handle your shipments and orders to your customers throughout the State of Florida. We have helped you get more than 800 daily deliveries of your goods to the Florida industries and residents who needed so much as their lives changed significantly during this unprecedented time.

To our 400 team members, we are incredibly grateful for your hard work and dedication that continue to make Star one of the most successful and trusted third-party logistics companies in the nation. You really stepped up to meet the growing demand, increased workload and evolving rules of workplace safety. Thank you for working extra hours, delivering record-breaking volume and filling in for your teammates who faced their own personal challenges this year.

To our innumerable vendors, we thank you for your support in providing the backend tools that are indispensable in meeting our customers’ demands. You were able to supply everything we needed so we could make sure our customers’ essential products got to the people who depended on them.

There have been a lot of surprises in 2020. Nevertheless, Star Distribution Systems’ business persevered this year due to everyone’s remarkable flexibility, continued support and full participation. This made things work smoothly so we were able to deliver a larger-than-normal volume despite navigating hurricane threats, lockdowns, mask-wearing and additional health-safety measures as coronavirus infections surged.

If you are not already part of the Star Distribution Systems family, we would love to have you onboard as a customer, team member or vendor! If you would like more information about how to join us or about how we can improve your supply chain in Florida, contact Larry W. Jimenez, Jr., Vice President Business Development, at (813) 267-6740 or [email protected] or visit