New Year: Star Distribution Systems

It’s a brand new year and we’re leading the way as Florida’s 3rd party logistics provider. Our core focus and unrelenting goal is to provide the highest level of logistic services in the industry.

Star Distribution: Holiday Rush

The holiday season is now and Star Distribution has ramped up our services to ensure our clients’ deliveries are getting to their customers, on-time all while providing the best-in-class customer service.

How a 3PL can help your business improve its order fulfillment

Efficiency and accuracy in the order fulfillment process is the core of an effective supply chain. Businesses that excel at order fulfillment — the processing, picking, packing, shipping and returns components of orders — boast a supply chain that drives growth and enables enviable customer service. A third-party logistics provider, or 3PL, is an ideal way for businesses to create …

Star Distribution: LG Carrier of the Year

Star Distribution Systems is recognized as Florida’s premier 3rd party logistics provider. We’re extremely humbled to receive a prestigious award from one of our valued clients, LG Electronics. We have been recognized at LG’s Carrier of the Year for 2021.

How to choose the right 3PL for your business

Whether you are a young, growing startup or an established business looking to take your supply chain in a fresh direction, choosing a third-party logistics provider represents a major decision for the future of your company.  An effective partner in navigating the sometimes tumultuous and unpredictable supply chain is crucial to keeping your business on an upward trajectory and ensuring …

Star Distribution’s History

Since Star Distribution Systems, Inc. was established in 1892, we have continued to grow every year! Today, we are recognized as Florida’s premier 3rd party logistics provider.

How a 3PL can improve the efficiency of your supply chain

An experienced, proven third-party logistics provider such as Star Distribution Systems is a master of efficiency. They understand the keys to streamlining the supply chain of your business and how to adapt their core principles to fit your unique needs and goals, saving you time and money. An inefficient supply chain hampers the growth of a business, preventing it from …

Keys to a Successful 3PL Partnership

If you are a business that relies on your supply chain, perhaps no relationship is more important to your success than the one with your third-party logistics provider. A close strategic partnership with a 3PL can accelerate your operation’s growth and lead to consequential cost savings that prove crucial to your bottom line.  At Star Distribution Systems, we pride ourselves …

City Connections

Since 1931 Star Distribution has been recognized as Florida’s Premier 3rd Party Logistics Provider. We work closely with our city officials to ensure business operations in Plant City are effective and meet the needs of our clients and customers as we move forward with our growth strategy.

Star Distribution Systems: Capacity

Star Distribution was built on the foundation of LTL consolidation. We ship over 800 PO deliveries each day, offer liftgate services and inside deliveries. We would love to tailor a LTL logistic solution around your business. To learn more about our award-winning services, contact us today!